Asdorian-Toktas Therapy

We provide Speech and Occupational Therapy for children, teens, and adults. We support our families and clients through weekly sessions, consultations, school visits, and interdisciplinary team support.

Our History (Together)

Jennifer (Bilyew) Asdorian and Susan (Tieche) Toktas met at Integrated Therapy Services for Children and Families (ITS) in 2003. They began to work side-by-side with school aged children. Susan, an Occupational Therapist, was a newly minted partner at ITS. Jennifer, a Speech-Language Pathologist, was transitioning from working in area hospitals. They discovered genuine connections in their therapeutic approaches and hard working natures.

In 2008, they joined forces inside of the ITS: Developmental Therapy Services (DTS) group. They coordinated sessions, consulted together, and developed their therapeutic interests in unison. They found that they both believed in building a strong foundation - body, mind, and spirit.

During these years, Deborah Victor and Susie Stern, joined Susan in providing OT services. As team members, they offer many perspectives on intervention for children, teens, and adults.

In 2018, DTS was set to close its doors. Susan and Jennifer made the decision to continue their therapeutic work together. This decision has led to the opening of their new private practice in Silver Spring, Maryland.

This opportunity allows them to expand their offerings of OT, ST, cranial-sacral therapy and other complementary interventions to a wider population.

They are eager to greet you at their new location, starting September 1st, 2018.

Our New Office Address: 2900 Linden Lane, Suite 110, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Please contact us with any questions at