Frequently Asked Questions

Does your practice have available appointments for Occupational or Speech Therapy?

This question has an ever-changing answer. Please contact Susan or Jennifer at to discuss current openings.

Do your therapists travel to schools to provide treatment?

We do travel to schools for therapy. This is something to be worked out with your therapist before intervention is initiated.

What do you charge?

For Speech Therapy, we charge $140 for a 60-minute office visit and $150 for a 60-minute school/out-of-office visit. Evaluations are charged per hour at the above 60-minute rate.

For Occupational Therapy, we charge $140 per hour for a 60-minute office visit (treatment) and $160 per hour for evaluations (charged hourly depending upon the need) and $160 per hour for any type of consultation or school visit.

For Cranial-Sacral Therapy, we charge $150 for a 60-minute office visit (with two therapists) or $140 for a 60-minute office visit (with one therapist).

Do you work with any insurance companies?

We are private-pay businesses. This means our clients pay us directly via credit card once per month. The family must submit our invoices to their insurance company in order to receive reimbursement. We do not take direct payments from insurance companies, unless it is through a flexible spending account. We provide treatment notes and any reports an insurance company may request via the family. We always recommend that you contact your insurance company BEFORE you begin intervention so you know the steps you must take to get reimbursed.