Asdorian-Toktas Therapy

We provide Speech and Occupational Therapy for children, teens, and adults. We support our families and clients through weekly sessions, consultations, school visits, and interdisciplinary team support.


At Asdorian-Toktas Therapy, our mission is to help build a strong foundation for children and their families. We serve to enhance communication, social-emotional skills, play, academics, and sensory skills. Together, we work toward the overall well-being of the child and family.

We are focused on meeting the child, adult, or family where they are and attempt to design interventions that serve both their immediate needs and long term goals. We value all modes of intervention and strive to provide the best, most progressive, intervention to all of our clients. We encourage each other to connect to our inner passion and move toward education in those specialty areas. We love to share our skills to help each other and our community.

We care deeply for each other - as therapists working together, as confidants to the adults that bring themselves and their children to our space, as teachers, as learners, and as humans. It is our mission to offer warmth, care, and empathy to everybody.

We would welcome the chance to work with you.

Our Office Address: 2900 Linden Lane, Suite 110, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Please contact us with any questions