Our Team

Jennifer Asdorian

Speech-Language Pathologist


Jennifer (Bilyew) Asdorian, M.S., CCC-SLP earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders from Pennsylvania State University in 1995 and a Master of Science degree from University of Arizona in 1997. She began practicing speech-language pathology in 1997, when she moved to the DC metro area. During her early years, she worked in a variety of settings, including pediatric rehab and acute care hospitals, schools, and home health care. She moved into private practice in 2003. She founded her own company named Creative Therapy Solutions, LLC and focused on bringing Assistive Technology serves into the home setting. She was also hired by Integrated Therapy Services for Children and Families, Inc. During that time she helped children with feeding disorders, oral-motor delays, apraxia, expressive and receptive language disorders, pragmatic language delays, and articulation delays.

In 2008, she became a partner at Developmental Therapy Services within ITS and expanded her skills in reading and writing interventions to help with phonological processing, spelling, and reading comprehension. She also began to focus on executive functioning skills and their impact on the organization and use of language.

Jennifer also began to educate herself in a variety of holistic methods to deepen her knowledge of the foundational skills that support growth and change - including Dynamic Body Balancing (a cranial-sacral based intervention), reflex integration, yoga for children with special needs, and mindfulness for children and teens. She has participated in professional training in PROMPT, Visualization and Verbalization, Social Thinking, Beckman Oral-Motor Therapy, Rapid Prompting Method for Autism, and the LiPS reading program.

Jennifer is passionate about supporting children to communicate their thoughts and feelings. She took several years to become a Consultant and Trainer through Dynamic Emotional Integration (emotiondynamics.org/dynamic-emotional-integration/). She has folded this work into her support of children who struggle to communicate and the impact it has on their academics, social lives, and family system.

Contact Jennifer via jennifer@asdorian-toktas.com


Occupational Therapist


Susan (Tieche) Toktas, BS, OTR/L graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Cum Laude from Thomas Jefferson University with a second Bachelor’s in Occupational Therapy. For the first five years of her career, Susan treated adults in skilled nursing facilities and worked in various hospital settings, including general medical floors, the ICU, acute/subacute orthopedic rehabilitation, and out-patient hand therapy. She has additional experience working with adults offering occupational therapy services in the home health care setting as well as in-patient psychiatry. In 1999, she began working part time treating children at an occupational therapy private practice.

In 2002, Susan began her own private practice at ITS for Children and Families, Inc., working with an interdisciplinary team of professionals as a school-aged specialist supporting sensory motor development as it relates to academics and efficient learning. Through this interest, she pursued deeper study in the area of visual-vestibular processing and auditory processing, two channels that are fundamental to the development of higher order cognition necessary to meet the demands of academic curricula. Susan also focused on the development of self-regulation and sustained attention.

She is certified in Mightier, an evidenced-based intervention for self-regulation and The Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) and has been trained in Therapeutic Listening, Integrated Listening System with Bone Conduction, and The Listening Program. Susan has also studied the visual-vestibular auditory triad through Vital Links (utilizing the Astronaut Protocol) as well as visual processing underlying academic success. She is trained in the Interactive Metronome and Interactive Metronome HOME. She teaches keyboarding skills and handwriting skills, finding both skill sets necessary to meet today’s academic curricula.

In 2012, Susan became a Cranial-Sacral Therapist who uses Dr. Carol Philips Dynamic Body Balancing Technique to address structural misalignments, body pain and discomfort, and trauma release from cellular memory and soft tissue. She uses bodywork, mindfulness, and the Safe and Sound Protocol as tools to assist in the release of trauma held in the body and mind. She also uses Dynamic Body Balancing techniques to treat pregnant mothers, infants, children, adolescents, and adults to re-balance the body reducing pain and discomfort.

Contact Susan via susan@asdorian-toktas.com.

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Susie Stern

Occupational Therapist

Susie Stern, OTR/L has a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Texas Woman's University and has been licensed as a Registered Occupational Therapist by the NBCOT since 1993. Susie has experience in hospital, home-based, education-based, and private practice environments. In the past 25 years, Susie has worked with children of all ages, from babies through teens who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism, sensory processing disorder, genetic disorders, and a variety of neurological issues.

Susie is experienced in a wide variety of evaluation tools, including sensory processing, neuromotor, visual-perceptual motor, and developmental assessments. Susie’s approach to treatment starts with the whole child, and seeks to address sensory, motor, cognitive, social-emotional, and academic skills as they impact their occupational performance. Susie’s treatment specialty is collaboration with parents, teachers, and co-therapists, while working one-on-one, in dyads, and in groups, to ensure the successful application of therapy achievements into the child’s universe.

Susie holds certificates in NDT (Neurodevelopmental Therapy)/Bobath Management and Treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy and other Neuromotor Disorders; NDTA's (Neurodevelopmental Therapy Association) Advanced Baby Course; SIPT (Sensory Integration and Praxis Test); Therapeutic Listening; Integrated Listening Systems; Interactive Metronome; Handwriting Without Tears curriculum; the Social Thinking curriculum; and Trauma Informed Treatment.

To contact Susie Stern please send an email

to Susan Toktas via susan@asdorian-toktas.com.

Mary Hornish

Energy Therapist

Mary Hornish, Energy Therapist received a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with highest honors (Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa) from Duke University. She also holds a Masters Certificate in Government Contract Law from George Washington University. After working for years as a division director of a large consulting firm, Mary spent over 15 years working intensively with an energy healer/holistic nurse healer and intuitive counselor while completing coursework in energy medicine, intuitive guidance, and complementary healing therapies.

Mary has been offering energy balancing and intuitive guidance for over 18 years. She is a certified Practitioner of Reiki, a Japanese healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki also promotes healing and rebalancing of human energy systems. It is administered by "laying on hands" to balance and increase one’s life force energy and to release energy blocks.

Mary’s highly developed intuitive guidance allows her to connect deeply with a client’s energy field in order to assist with rebalancing all levels of a person’s being (mind, body, and spirit) through energy techniques, discussion, and the processing of life experiences.

Mary works with both adults and children. As a mother of three children, including a special needs child, she has a particular sensitivity and interest in working with children with developmental differences.

Please contact Mary directly via email at maryhornish@yahoo.com